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The 2023 Annual Meeting of NMP Supplier ZESHENG was held as Scheduled

Issuing time:2023-03-17 14:10Author:ZESHENG

The 2023 reunion and annual meeting of ZESHENG: high-quality NMP suppliers of China's new energy industry, has been held on March 11 as scheduled. We took the opportunity of March 15, Consumer Rights Day to share with you our cohesive group-building activities and the exciting annual meeting ceremony. It is this group of lovely and tough people who monitor the quality gate and hold the bottom line of service to supply high quality, high efficiency, and high recovery rate NMP and recycling equipment for more lithium battery manufacturers who need electronic grade NMP.


[Group building activities review: cohesion, courage to create good results]

On March 11, 2023, China's new energy industry quality NMP supplier Wisdom Fengze - Dongguan Zesheng - Jiangsu Zefeng team gathered in Dongguan, Guangdong. There are business departments and after-sales service departments from Jiangsu (Jiangsu Zefeng new material team), resident departments from all over the country, as well as engineering department, commercial department, foreign trade department, finance department, and procurement department (Wisdom Fengze team and Dongguan Zesheng new material team) on Dongguan side. We gathered in one place from all over the world to carry out our annual team expansion and construction training activities for all employees.

In this group-building team, we gathered small partners from all over the country. We went from unfamiliarity at the beginning to gradually breaking the ice, to full cooperation and collaborative breakthrough.

l Through this team development and construction training, the organization and discipline of all employees were improved, and the unity and familiarity with each other were increased, laying the foundation for the smooth development of future work.

l Through this team development and construction training, all the staff realized the importance of communication and information sharing, which provided very good ideas to solve the problems encountered in the future work of communication, information organization and summarization, and handling work.

l Through this team development and construction training, everyone's heart is closer and more trustful to each other; after all, everyone has carried everyone on their shoulders, shed sweat and tears together, and achieved good results side by side.

We hope that in the future, under the correct leadership, we can serve customers and monitor quality in an organized and disciplined way efficiently, and deal with problems with communication and sharing; together, we can unite and cooperate to create good results, so that the company and all of us can climb to a new peak in 2023 and go to a farther future.


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Every year, every company will hold an annual meeting to treat the leaders and employees who have worked hard for a year and to thank the families who have been silently supporting behind the scenes. on the evening of March 11, 2023, the team of Wisdom Fengze - Dongguan Zesheng - Jiangsu Zefeng, a high-quality NMP supplier in China's new energy industry, completed the group building activities on that day and gathered together to share our annual meeting ceremony.

At this annual meeting, CEO Mr. Xia issued a certificate of recognition for the outstanding employees in 2022 and conducted a lottery. The atmosphere of the raffle site was very enthusiastic, the vice president was expected to be drawn to the special prize, each employee was so aptly drawn to the prize they wanted (randomly selected), and everyone who came to the site was loaded with gifts.

Thank you to the company for not only arranging a feast for the staff and their families but also taking into account everyone, allowing everyone to share the prizes. Once again, I sincerely thank the company and hope that we can work together to win 2023 together and make next year's annual meeting even more exciting!

China's new energy industry quality NMP supplier Wisdom Fengze - Dongguan Zesheng - Jiangsu Zefeng team also promises that we will not only treat all the hard-working employees generously but also continue to serve our customers with integrity, high efficiency, and high quality. Wisdom Fengze - Dongguan Zesheng - Jiangsu Zefeng team is looking forward to working with you to create a new era of integrity and harmony!

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