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Train derailment and toxic gas spread in the US, Talking about safety and health.

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What do you think about the toxic gas spread in the US that has caused global concern? The ZESHENG team, a premium supplier of NMP(N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) to the new energy industry, is also a chemical company. Therefore did not miss the news report of the train derailment in Ohio, USA, and the spread of toxic gases. Why did the toxic gas attract global attention this time?


Black clouds floating in the air - Ohio train derailment

First, let's cover the basics of the toxic gas that is spreading in Ohio, USA.

Vinyl chloride: also known as vinyl chloride, with the chemical formula C2H3Cl, is an organic compound that is an important monomer in polymer chemistry. It is also an important industrial raw material and is highly toxic, killing rats instantly with half a gram.

On 27 October 2017, the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer published a preliminary collated reference to the list of carcinogens, with vinyl chloride in the list of Group 1 carcinogens.

When burned, vinyl chloride produces a variety of strange carcinogens, including the king of all poisons - the most carcinogenic compound ever discovered by humans: dioxins. As a result, vinyl chloride has also been used to make chemical weapons and is a Class 1 carcinogen, with strong carcinogenic effects at even very low levels.

The editor simply shuddered after hearing this. Compared to the danger of this hazardous chemical, the NMP(N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) solvent supplied by ZESEHNG is a harmless little kitten.

Train derailment in Ohio, USA Toxic gases were spread by burning.png

The news photo: Ohio train derailment

But what did the US do with such a hazardous chemical?

Due to the environmental conditions and technology available at the time, as well as the cost of the rescue, the local rail crews in the USA used a "controlled release" method. Tanks of vinyl chloride were released into a pre-excavated pit and set alight in an attempt to stop the toxic gas from being released into the atmosphere.

"This 'controlled release' treatment in the United States was born out of a lack of solutions."Yuan Qianqiang, a retired professor from the East China University of Science and Technology, told China Science News, "Vinyl chloride is very toxic and those who are severely poisoned can die from respiratory and circulatory failure. And its boiling point is low and its explosion range is wide." --This paragraph is from Shangguan.com.

C&en news2.png

Although news seen on the internet stated that the toxin levels in hundreds of air samples taken in the accident area all met national standards. The Environmental Protection Agency said local drinking water monitoring indicators had been safe, but people were still advised to drink bottled water first.

Instead, residents who were notified to return home saw what actually happened: a scene of black clouds; the entire town was black.

The picture below shows the actual view of residents returning home on February 10.


The picture shows the actual view of residents returning home on February 10.

Local chickens, ducks, and some wildlife also began to die in large numbers, with the furthest deaths occurring as far as 100 kilometers from the center of the accident.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, health, and environmental concerns remain in the wake of the derailment and inferno in Ohio, a toxic gas spread that affected about seven and a half miles of streams. As of 8 February, an estimated 3,500 fish had died.


We will not comment on any of the above for the time being. What would happen if such an incident occurred in China?

Generally speaking, China's chemical technology is very mature, especially for hazardous chemicals such as vinyl chloride, which has formed a closed-loop production and use chain, greatly reducing the likelihood of such an accident.

And, according to information compiled by the editors from the internet, China also uses a technique known as an 'inverted tank' to deal with such incidents. Every local government in China has the capacity and experience to reverse tanks of hazardous chemicals, even the more dangerous hydrofluoric acid.

Environmental protection, safety, and health issues have always been of great concern to us humans.

In order to protect the environment, the ZESHENG team has also developed matching NMP(N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) waste recycling equipment and a tailor-made NMP waste recycling solution for our customers.

Because it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment and care for the planet on which mankind depends for its survival.

Timeline of the toxic gas spreading incident:

When the train derailed out of control on February 3, thousands of residents around the area were evacuated in an emergency.

On 6 February, the US government ignited hazardous chemicals for incineration.

On 8 February, the US government issued a notice that all hazards had been removed, local air quality was good, water quality was good, and residents were asked to return home immediately and continue their normal lives.

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