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New Energy Industry News Roundup: Guoxuan High Tech and InoBat join forces! Centronics and Forsee Gr

Issuing time:2023-02-10 16:11Author:ZESHENG

The new energy industry is really going to start the year 2023 with a bang. 2023 will see not only the major battery manufacturers start mass production of their "milestone" batteries, but also a number of new energy battery material companies going public one after another. A number of new energy battery material companies are also going public. See ZESHENG's editorial round-up of industry news.

[Gotion High-Tech and InoBat join forces to drive change]

Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gotion High-Tech, signed a cooperation agreement with European battery manufacturer InoBat on the 5th of February, the Lantern Festival. The two companies will leverage their respective technological strengths, complementary capabilities, and shared sustainability philosophy to explore opportunities for cooperation, including a joint venture to build 40GWh of capacity in Europe, to drive change in the power battery and energy storage sectors.


Marian Bocek (left), Founder and CEO of InoBat, and Yi Cai (right), President and Senior Vice President of Gotion High-Tech, sign the agreement on behalf of the two companies, witnessed by Tara Lindstedt (center), Member of the Board and Chief Development Officer of InoBat.

According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate in various areas such as manufacturing, technology research, and development.

In the area of core manufacturing, the two parties will jointly explore the construction of a 40GWh core and Pack plant in the form of a joint venture.

In the field of technical cooperation, the two sides will cooperate based on their respective strengths in the fields of lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries.

In the area of energy storage, the two companies will jointly explore the potential of developing energy storage battery production based on InoBat's existing plant in Slovakia in order to develop the European market as soon as possible. In addition, the two companies are committed to establishing technical and commercial cooperation in the operation of facilities and jointly exploring the feasibility of recycling production waste and end-of-life batteries.

[CORNEX's "Immersion" battery safety system hits the market's pain points]

CORNEX has not only seized the Hubei market and laid out a number of battery projects in Hubei but also developed the industry's first "Immersion" battery safety system. Why is the "immersion" battery safety system here? To solve the safety pain points of the energy storage market!

In the fast-growing energy storage market, one phenomenon is that battery manufacturers are using their power cells directly for energy storage. For example, even Tesla has recently indicated that its 4680 batteries, which are not yet in mass production, can be used in the energy storage market.

But the energy storage market is not the same as the power market, various application scenarios of energy storage, need to have the corresponding performance and more secure special products. CORNEX's "immersion" battery safety system is designed to solve this problem.

According to CORNEX, the name "Immersion" is a combination of the most popular word for 2021, "silence", and the actual presentation of the system, "immersed". Silent management means isolating the area from the outside world to prevent the spread of the epidemic, thus allowing it to be controlled quickly (typically three days).


CORNEX's "Immersion" battery safety system

In the case of Li-ion battery thermal dispersion control, CORNEX's "Immersion" battery safety system means that the area at risk of thermal dispersion (a packing box) is completely "immersed" in a liquid fire-fighting medium, preventing it from spreading to the outside world. Within 3 minutes the thermal runaway battery can be contained.

The experimental site from the CORNEX Energy Storage "Immersion" battery safety system solution shows that after the start of charging and thermal runaway due to overcharging (0 seconds), 24.1 seconds triggered a smoke detector alarm on the cell spray valve, 27.2 seconds cut off the charging power, 27.8 seconds liquid fire media started to be injected, 30.5 seconds battery The battery is fully submerged and the open flame is extinguished, and the temperature drops to room temperature 60 minutes after the battery is fully submerged.

The emergence of this system can bring "peace of mind" to the energy storage industry.

[CALB accelerates cooperation with overseas]

CALB has recently entered into a partnership with the French Forsee Group for battery supply, becoming Forsee Power's global power battery partner. This cooperation is for the exclusive supply of export models such as Xiaopeng and NIO.

Forsee Power is a well-known European supplier of intelligent battery systems with five factories in Europe, Asia, and North America. They mainly provide lithium battery system packages for public buses, trucks, industrial vehicles, and ships worldwide.

According to information obtained through GGII, CALB will supply Forsee Power with high-performance ternary system cells; it will also meet Forsee Power's long-term procurement needs in the future through its power battery factory in Portugal.



[15GWh lithium battery and 10GWh sodium battery industrial park settled in Jingmen, Hubei]

On February 8, VISION's 15GWh lithium and 10GWh sodium battery industrial park project was successfully signed.

The project is located in Yongxing Street, Jingshan City, Hubei Province, with a planned land area of about 450 mu, mainly producing new energy products such as lithium and sodium batteries, which will be used in new energy storage market and 5G communication and IDC data centre market. The project is planned to be built in three phases, with three years of basic completion.

The first phase of the project is to invest RMB 2 billion to build a 5GWh lithium battery production line, which will be completed by the end of 2023; the second phase will build a 5GWh lithium battery production line and a 5GWh sodium battery production line; the third phase will build a 5GWh lithium battery production line and a 5GWh sodium battery production line.

After the project is completed and reaches production, it will achieve annual sales of over RMB 20 billion and pay annual tax of over RMB 700 million.

[The market value of over 47 billion yuan! "Lithium iron phosphate TOP 1" officially listed on February 9]

On February 9, Hunan Unitech New Energy Battery Materials Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange at an opening price of 63.2 yuan, up 165.88%, and its market value climbed to 47.86 billion yuan. This is the first listed company in Hunan Province in 2023. With the listing of Hunan Yuneng, the number of listed companies in Xiangtan reached 6.

In the background of the new energy industry, clarity, 2023 not only a number of domestic batteries, positive and negative materials, and other projects landed: before the billion lithium energy about 10 billion yuan of power storage battery project landed in Chengdu, Sichuan, after the Xiongtao shares of sodium, lithium battery project settled in Hubei Jingmen; more domestic and foreign strong joint moves. 2023, China's new energy industry is more unstoppable, all the way to the wild.

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