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Dongguan Fengze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, based on new energy lithium battery manufacturing, is committed to the development and application of NMP and NMP recovery system programs. The company's professional technology and service team has 51 professional and technical talents. The company has continued to grow in the past two years in the prospects of the lithium industry. The sales of 2020 is expected to reach 270 million yuan. In 2020, the recovery of 40,000 tons of recovery NMP recovery and synthetic devices were put into production in Zhuhai and continued to enhance regional advantages in South China.     The company adheres to the "quality first, honesty and trustworthy, mutual benefit", the brand represents the competitiveness of the company, in 2017, the application for trademark registration is successful; the product has passed SGS RoHS, new limited substances and REACH Test and Halogen-halogen-free component (fluorchlorobromide) detection, third-party metal ion detection. 2 utility model patent licensing declaration, 2019 company "contractual credit credit companies" have passed the identification, improved enterprise integrity and establish a good image of enterprises, and enhance competitiveness. It has established a strict quality monitoring system from product design, raw materials into factories, intermediate inspection, final inspection, factory inspection, logistics and transportation.     With the ability to supply security and strict implementation of customer standard requirements. We will continue to carry forward the advantages, optimize product quality, maintain corporate reputation, and provide customers with NMP product solutions. Looking forward to cooperating with customers at home and abroad, mutual benefit and win - win, seek common development.

Business consulting: 13712266608 Technical service: 13829110930 QQ: 2715947411 Phone: 0769-22909886, 22819886 Email: fengze@fengzedz.com Website: http://www.fengzedz.com Address: Room 1103, Building B2, Tianan Digital City, No. 1, Huangjin Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan City
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